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9202 N. Meridian St., Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Phone (317) 595-9000, Fax (317) 841-1443, E-Mail Stephen M. Sellmer:
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Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)We would like to introduce you to our new office and the wide variety of legal services we provide, Cohen & Malad, P.C. is offering free notary services for up to 4 documents per person (available 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)We are also offering a 15% reduction, through December 31,2000, in our hourly or flat fee rate to any new client, or to our existing clients, on new cases in which you might need our services.
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Cohen & Malad, P.C., one of the city's largest law firms, has successfully represented a wide variety of local, national, and international individuals and businesses with diverse legal needs.

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Call us today for a free consultation on any legal mater you may have a concern about.  As you can see, from the list of our services below, we can help you with any legal matter you may have.
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Banking & Finance Law
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Bankruptcy Law
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Business & Commercial Law (collections, contracts, repossessions, debtor/creditor)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Business Organizations (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Civil Rights (age, sex, religious discrimination)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Criminal Law (DUI's, drugs, misdemeanors, felonies)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Employment Law
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Entertainment & Sports Law
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Estate Planning & Probate (wills, guardianships, living wills, trusts, power of attorney)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Family Law (divorce, adoption, support, custody, juvenile, visitation, prenuptial agreements, paternity)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Insurance Law (motor vehicle, personal property)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Litigation & Appeal (class actions, complex litigation)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Personal Injury (automobile accidents, aviation accidents, premises liability, wrongful death)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Products Liability (alcoholic beverages, tobacco, asbestos, firearms, motor vehicles)
    Legal_bullet.jpg (802 bytes)Real Estate Law (landlord/tenant, commercial real estate, mortgages, foreclosures)