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        Hello, my name is Don Gilliatt and we do Automation Consulting,  Automation Design for Industrial applications,  Commercial Architectural Steel Drawings and Detailing, and Home Plans & Details.  I have one other person working with me that specializes in Custom Home Design and helps with other detailing as the need arises.  
        I have over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery and steel fabrication.  Recently, I have expanded into the Commercial steel building industry.  I have about 10 years experience using CAD design with the last 8 years using Autocad.  We can plot your drawings up to "E" size.  As we are working with you, we can post files on our web site for you to view our progress.  When your project is finished and approved, we provide electronic copies on disk or CD.
        We can draw about anything you would ever need as long as you have a sample of something similar for us to use as a guide.  If it's something we haven't done before, we don't charge for the extra time we spend in the learning process.  We will do the drawings and then meet with you so you can mark any changes you would like to see.  We can also handle this process from our web site if you like.  Give us a call when you have CAD drawings you need completed in a timely manner.  You will be happy with our service and our very reasonable rates.
        You can check out a few sample designs and drawings below.  We would be happy to discuss any needs you have now or in the future.
Sample Architectural Drawings
Just Click On The Drawing Number.
S-2.dwf Details With Cut List
S-1.dwf Steel Catwalk Drawing
EV-1.dwf Elevation View
S-17.dwf Stair Tower Elevation
S-21.dwf Stair Drawing
C-A-1-13B.dwf Column Detail Drawing
Pv4.dwf Beam Location Drawing
CP-1.dwf Column Base Details
KP-1.dwf Knife Plate Details
BP-1.dwf Beam Bearing Plates
AC-2.dwf General Clip Detail
Sample Mechanical Designs
Just Click On The Drawing Number.
2285-1.dwf Automated Drilling System
2519-1.dwf Automated Chamfer System
2607-1.dwf 2 Part Assembly
2661-1.dwf Tape Application System
2480-1.dwf Part Stacking System
2273-1.dwf Hydraulic Press Assembly
2363-1.dwf Thermos Lid Assembly
2433-1.dwf Switch Test & Package
2430-1.dwf Fuel Line Assembly System
2430-4.dwf Typical Assembly Station
105.dwf Typical Detail Drawing
   Sample Home Plans and Details
Just Click On The Drawing Number.
Front.dwf Typical Front View
Side-end.dwf Typical Side, End, & Rear Views
Bsment.dwf Typical Basement Plan
1stflr.dwf Typical 1st Floor Plan
2ndflr.dwf Typical 2nd Floor Plan